Our cluster is directly involved in the economic development of France and our local area – and its effect on jobs – through the work we do to support project developers, industrial stakeholders and researchers in the materials processing industries.

To this end, we surround ourselves with a raft of scientists, engineers and economic development stakeholders on a daily basis. EuraMaterials is also involved in international innovation networks and interacts with a wide range of professional associations and French ecosystems.

Our involvement in innovation networks

We are involved in several French, European and international innovation networks. Being part of these networks means we can forge bonds with our counterparts, draw on good practices, and promote our members and their expertise.

EuraMaterials is a member of the RETIS, EBN and IASP innovation networks:

Logo du réseau RETIS (2020)

RETIS is the French network of innovation experts for enterprising regions and businesses. Its members have two complementary missions and occupations: providing support for innovative businesses, and promoting their local area and innovation ecosystem. RETIS represents over 800 people in almost 100 support structures, with around 13,000 innovative businesses receiving support.

EuraMaterials est membre du Conseil d'administration du réseau RETIS

EuraMaterials is involved in the governance of the RETIS innovation network.

Managing Director of EuraMaterials Olivier Varlet was elected member of the board of directors of RETIS at its general meeting in Laval, France on 24 May 2019 (see photo).

Mr Varlet said: “I would like to be more heavily involved in the development of RETIS and the role it plays in helping innovative businesses grow, both nationally and internationally. RETIS is the perfect network to exchange ideas and draw on good practices, in particular those dedicated to the incubation of innovative projects. Providing support for project developers and start-ups is one of EuraMaterials’ specialities.” 

European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN)
Logo EBN

The EuraMaterials cluster is a member of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network. EBN brings together European organisations whose purpose is to provide high-quality, multi-disciplinary professional support for innovative entrepreneurs (support, starting a business and development of the local area). We participate by sharing good practices: part of that involves detecting new business and/or partnership opportunities for our SMEs. EBN also awarded us the EU|BIC certification. This endorses our ability to support start-ups and innovative businesses.

International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

The members of IASP, an international association, include 350 science parks and areas of innovation in 75 different countries. We joined IASP to expand our international network and create business opportunities for our own members.

Intervention Karl MARTIN EuraMaterials IASP 2019

We were delighted to be chosen to speak at the IASP 2019 World Conference, held in Nantes, France by Atlanpole from 24 to 27 September 2019 (video of the event below).

Aftermovie of the IASP 2019 World Conference, hosted by Atlanpole in Nantes

In addition, EuraMaterials works with the European Enterprise Network (EEN) to organise B2B events and identify commercial and technological opportunities across Europe.

Our scientific, technical and specialist partners

We are lucky to be surrounded by complementary scientific, technical and specialist partners. We work with them on specific topics, we put our members in touch with their specialised teams, and we collaborate with them within regional, national or European project consortia.

These associations, research laboratories, platforms and technical centres contribute their expertise, know-how, network and access to technical resources (technology platforms, test and trial equipment, pilot facilities, demonstrators, etc.).

The Hauts-de-France region is home to a great number of stakeholders and impressive facilities

(non-exhaustive list)

  • Ceebios – Biomimetics network. We are one of the founding members and play an active part in governance and the ‘bioinspired materials’ and ‘bioinspired housing’ working groups.
  • CETI – European centre for innovative textiles, equipped with pilot lines and semi-industrial lines.
  • Cetim – Technical centre for mechanical industries for the joint development of innovative products (characterisation of materials, metrology, sustainable design, certifications, etc.).
  • CLUBTEX – A group of businesses, institutes and laboratories, training centres and education establishments dedicated to textiles with technical uses.
  • CoDEM, le BATLAB – Centre for the transfer of knowledge and skills in sustainable construction, the formulation and characterisation of sustainable materials (materials with a low environmental impact, made from recycled materials or biomass), and the transfer of technology related to the production of construction materials.
  • CREPIM – European laboratory for the development and approval of materials for sectors concerned with fire safety (rail, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, electricity and textiles).
  • CTP – The pulp and paper research & technical centre. We are currently working on several projects with the CTP (in particular on ‘smart packaging’ ideas).
  • hellolille.sport – An association that aims to make the Métropole Européenne de Lille the global capital of innovation in the sports field [Article on our partnership (in French)].
  • IFTH – French institute of textiles and apparel, a national industrial and technical centre.
  • IndustriLAB – Research, innovation, training and technology transfer centre and platform targeting all industrial fields.
  • Innocold – Refrigeration technology institute. EuraMaterials has already instigated and supported several projects with Innocold, such as the CRYOBTURE project.
  • Inria Lille – Nord Europe – French national institute for research in digital science and technology.
  • lille–design – Platform for economic development through design.
  • Lille’s agency – Economic development agency for the city of Lille.
  • NFI – Nord France Invest, the economic development agency for the Hauts-de-France region.
  • PRTT CEA Tech Hauts-de-France – The regional technology transfer platform of the CEA (France’s atomic energy and alternative energy commission), with a large number of technical demonstrators.
  • TPCIM – Polymer and composite technology and mechanical engineering centre (IMT Lille Douai university).
    Science and Technology technological platforms and scientific facilities (University of Lille, CNRS, Inria Lille Nord-Europe, Centrale Lille, École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille), including the Michel-Eugène Chevreul institute’s advanced synthesis and characterisation platforms.
  • Academic research laboratories in textile engineering, materials & transformations, catalysis & solid-state chemistry, transformations & agricultural resources, laser physics, electronics & nanotechnologies, mechanical engineering, IT and digital technology, spectrochemistry, agrifood & biotechnology, electronic engineering, environmental chemistry, molecular structure and more, many of which are members of EuraMaterials!

Internationally, we work with leading stakeholders in the materials processing industries

(non-exhaustive list)

  • Centexbel – VKC – Belgian textiles research centre, partnered with the Belgian research centre for the plastics industry.
  • ETP – European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing.
  • EuMaT – European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies.
  • A4M – Alliance for Materials, an ‘umbrella organisation’ grouping together the main European materials organisations (industry, research and the academic world). In Autumn 2019, EuraMaterials supported the A4M memorandum on the importance of continuing to fund research and innovation into advanced materials in Europe, to contribute to high-level strategic objectives and obtain reliable results to improve the standard of living of Europeans.
  • EUTEXTILE-2030 – We are working with our European partners to create an advanced textiles ‘super-cluster’.

Our relationship with professional associations and ecosystems

Professional associations and ecosystems

(non-exhaustive list)

  • ADEME – French agency for the environment and energy management.
  • AFPC – French association of competitiveness clusters: we are active participants in its ‘Europe commission’, meaning we can take part in European lobbying initiatives and gather information and discover opportunities for our members and the local area.
  • ANIA – French national food industry association. Together, we organise joint initiatives on packaging-related topics.
  • ARIA – Regional association for the automotive industry in Hauts-de-France.
  • Bpifrance – French state investment bank.
  • CNI / CSF – French national board of industry and strategic sector committees: we take part in the ‘fashion & luxury’ and ‘chemistry and materials’ committees.
  • CROSSCHIM – Chemistry sector network hub.
  • DGA – French defence procurement agency, Ministry of the Armed Forces.
  • France Chimie – Professional federation of chemicals industries.
  • France Chimie Hauts-de-France – Regional chemicals industries platform in Hauts-de-France.
  • La French Fab – French accreditation that unites industrial stakeholders and encourages the promotion of French industry.
  • UIT – Union of textile industries.
  • UITH – Union of textile industries of the Hauts-de-France region.
Other regional centres for excellence, competitiveness clusters and hubs

Whether through ongoing collaborations, joint accreditation of R&D projects, partnerships within European projects or special-interest groups, we are connected to a large number of regional centres for excellence, hubs and competitiveness clusters, both in France and Belgium.

Here are just a few: AquimerClubster NSLElastopôleFibois Hauts-de-FranceGreenWinIARi-Trans, MecaTech, PICOM, Plastium, Plastiwin, Team², Techtera, Transalley and Wagralim.

Our public-sector partners

Five public-sector institutions support our work:

EuraMaterials est soutenu par plusieurs institutions publiques

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