Our cluster has an extensive scientific and industrial network, made up of members of the EuraMaterials family and a large number of French and international partners.

What do the members of this diverse community have in common? Their link – whether direct or indirect – with the materials processing industries.

Our business-friendly network is the perfect environment to exchange experiences and good practices. It also encourages the industry and research communities to work together.

What about you? Are you ready to meet the people who can help you move forward?

Our members

Businesses, research laboratories, technical centres, training bodies, professional associations... Meet the members of the EuraMaterials family.

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Our partners

  • Our involvement in innovation networks
  • Our scientific, technical and specialist partners
  • Our relationship with professional associations and ecosystems
  • Our public-sector partners
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Join our network

Join the EuraMaterials family to grow your business, leverage your activity, receive bespoke support for your innovative projects and create added value.

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