EuraMaterials was created to assist the materials processing industries. These industries – which include textiles, plastics, glass, paper & cardboard and composites – serve a broad range of markets, from transport, healthcare and packaging to construction, industrial equipment and agribusiness.

This means we handle matters concerning materials themselves (their origin, physical and chemical properties, features, etc.), their transformation (processing methods, novel features and functions, design, etc.), their uses, and their environmental impact (product life cycle, recyclability, re-use, upcycling, etc.).

The materials processing industries

  • What do we mean by ‘materials’?
  • What are the ‘materials processing industries’?
  • What kind of processes are we talking about?
  • How are we supporting innovation in the materials processing industries?
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The many markets with an interest in materials

Once processed, materials have a wide range of uses and are central to countless markets, including:


  • industrial equipment
  • packaging and the printing industry
  • construction and housing
  • healthcare
  • transport and mobility
  • human well-being and safety
  • tableware and household appliances
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