Creating commercial, technical and financial opportunities is essential if you are to grow your activity and inject some energy into your development. EuraMaterials can find new leads for you, both in France and internationally.


Our added value lies in generating genuine business opportunities. We can help you promote your activity at B2B conventions and trade fairs and attend subject-specific events, put you in touch with major investors and members of our network, draw on bespoke competitive intelligence, take advantage of personalised advice on financing arrangements, and even provide support for your international development.

Attend trade fairs to promote your activity and meet your peers

We encourage you to attend trade fairs in France and abroad:

  • as an exhibitor on a shared stand
  • as a visitor, as part of a group trip with other members, or
  • represented by our on-site team

We recently attended the following trade fairs: JEC World 2019 (Paris, France), K-2019 (Düsseldorf, Germany), Techtextil 2019 (Frankfurt, Germany), ITMA 2019 (Barcelona, Spain), TITAS 2019 (Taipei, Taiwan), All4Pack 2018 (Paris, France), and CFIA 2019 (Rennes, France).

Photo: Jean-Marc Viénot’s talk at the CLUBTEX/EuraMaterials press conference at Techtextil 2019

Attend subject-specific or general B2B business conventions to make as many commercial contacts as possible

We give you the opportunity to attend business conventions at a reduced cost, or we can represent you at the ones we take part in.

Participation d'EuraMaterials à la convention d'affaires Composites Meetings 2019

We recently attended the following French business conventions: Techinnov 2019 (Paris), Textival 2019 (Lyon), Robomeetings 2019 (Saint-Quentin), and Composites Meetings 2019 (Nantes).

Photo: Nicolas Martin at a B2B appointment at Composites Meetings 2019

Take part in the workshops and events organised throughout the year by EuraMaterials and its partners. Stay informed and get networking!

Subject-specific breakfast meetings, technology seminars, workshops… Our diary is packed full of events for you.

Take advantage of them to stay informed, gather feedback, open your mind to new technological possibilities, sound out new markets and expand your network!

Petit-déjeuner business Industrie du Futur

Recent events include the CLUBTEX technology seminar on materials designed for temporary use (November 2019) and the first international breakfast meeting (December 2019).

Photo: ‘Industry of the Future’ breakfast meeting in October 2019

Be introduced to members of our network to expand your contacts, fast

Part of our support includes assessing your requirements so we can offer you personalised appointments with members of our network – mainly in France and Belgium.

We can save you time by organising these appointments (thanks to our in-depth knowledge of stakeholders in the materials processing industries) and open up new business or technology opportunities for you.

Meet major investors looking for new solutions and expertise: are you the perfect fit?

With CLUBTEX, we organise Journées Grands Comptes – major investor events – to introduce you to decision-makers and teams at large companies that are on the lookout for solutions.

Journée Grand Compte ENEDIS 2019

These events are a great place to discuss technical and commercial issues, as well as being the starting point for innovative projects involving major investors and industrial SMEs.

Photo: ENEDIS major investor event on smart personal protective equipment (PPE) and PPE that lessens musculoskeletal disorders

Access technology, commercial or market intelligence, produced specifically with your objectives in mind

We can undertake bespoke intelligence studies for the benefit of your project or your structure. These technology, commercial or market intelligence services are conducted by our team’s two competitive intelligence managers.

Our findings can be delivered in several forms, including monthly email bulletins, or published as specific studies (bespoke or shared).

We can also give guidance on setting up an in-house intelligence programme, with the development of an intelligence platform and support for your staff.

Please take a look at our article on the subject (in French): : Gestion des flux d’information : comment gagner en efficacité, productivité et sérénité ?

Get advice on regional, national and European financing arrangements to co-fund your project

Our project managers can identify and decipher calls for proposals (public and/or private co-funding arrangements) that suit your innovation or development project.

Our understanding of specifications and the elusive workings of these calls for proposals enables us to assist you effectively with this step, whether you are applying to regional, national or European bodies.

Receive support for your international development strategy to optimise your export efforts

We are at your side to initiate, safeguard or strengthen your international development. We are convinced that expanding export activities leads to numerous opportunities for growth, via entering new markets, acquiring new clients, achieving a balanced portfolio and more revenue over the course of the year, etc.

Matinale de l'International EuraMaterials

EuraMaterials teams up with CLUBTEX, the Hauts-de-France region, Team Hauts-de-France Export, Bpifrance and CCI International to offer you an export review as well as events focused on international development, followed by bespoke or group support.

Photo: International breakfast meeting in December 2019: ‘Why go global? How can I conquer new export markets?’

Ils nous ont rejoint


Director of the UCCS research laboratory

‘Taking the opportunity to exhibit alongside EuraMaterials meant we could present the lab’s activities to professionals in the green chemistry field and increase our visibility in the business world.’

Alexander GIBB

Directeur général de l’entreprise SNCZ

« Notre besoin était de trouver et développer de nouveaux marchés et de nouveaux produits en dehors de nos secteurs d’activité historiques. Grâce à EuraMaterials, nous avons pu nouer de nouveaux contacts avec des entreprises, centres techniques et laboratoires universitaires, dont certains ont abouti à des relations suivies. »

Amandine SOUPLY

Ingénieur de l'association CLUBTEX

« Suite aux premiers groupes de travail avec ENEDIS lors des Journées Grands Comptes en 2018, plusieurs PME sont entrées en 2019 en phase d’essais ou de preuve de concept (avec un financement pouvant aller jusqu’à 30 000 euros). »

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