Do you need some technical advice for your business?

Why not take advantage of our expertise and have us review your production environment, identify an existing technical solution (product or process), help you design a new technical solution, or carry out studies to anticipate new trends and developments in your markets?

Our services are designed to help you grow your business and make it more successful, in response to the latest requirements of your clients and the market.

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Converting functional specifications into technical specifications

Are you a business or a research laboratory working in the materials processing industries? Do you need to comply with the functional specifications* produced by your client?

We can help you! We can convert functional specifications into technical specifications, in two main scenarios:

Without losing sight of our 360° perspective of the materials, processes and economic markets in question, of course!

* In a functional specification, the client sets out their request – the requirement of a particular function of a material, or a process, for example – with a certain number of restrictions (for example, consumes less power, weighs less, doesn’t incur additional costs).

Reviews, audits and advice for your production lines and Industry 4.0 projects

We can provide technical site audits, strategic support, specific studies (bespoke or shared) or advice on how to define and implement plans to transform your industrial environment (Industry 4.0).

Every business is unique, with its own requirements and expectations. These vary depending on the sector, how it is organised, its processes, the headway it has made with data processing, and how it got to where it is today.

This is why we have developed a special half-day assessment programme to identify the feasibility of Industry 4.0 projects in terms of quality optimisation, production rate forecasting, lean management and maintenance, and demand management, for example.

This real-world review is carried out by our engineers, who can provide concrete solutions for the business while accounting for its individuality, its environment, its skills and its requirements. It is worth noting that SMEs in the Hauts-de-France region can apply for financial aid for this assessment.

More information on this subject (in French): Concrètement, qu’est-ce que l’industrie 4.0 ?

Access to bespoke or shared technology intelligence reports

We can provide bespoke technology intelligence services, whereby we monitor technological developments, patents filed and regulatory restrictions, etc.

Please take a look at our article on the subject (in French): Gestion des flux d’information : comment gagner en efficacité, productivité et sérénité ?

Take part in the workshops and events organised throughout the year by EuraMaterials and its partners. Stay informed and get networking!

Subject-specific breakfast meetings, technology seminars, workshops… Our diary is packed full of events for you.

Take advantage of them to stay informed, gather feedback, open your mind to new technological possibilities, sound out new markets and expand your network!

Petit-déjeuner business Industrie du Futur

Recent events include the CLUBTEX technology seminar on materials designed for temporary use (November 2019) and the first international breakfast meeting (December 2019).

Photo: ‘Industry of the Future’ breakfast meeting in October 2019

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