To expertly transform new ideas into effective processes, products or services with high added value, you must first open the door to these ideas, then set up R&D projects to nurture them. This approach to innovation is one way to grow your activity and stand out from your competitors.

We can facilitate, accelerate and safeguard your efforts to set up, finance and run your innovative projects… and make them a success.

Projet innovant EuraMaterials

Our added value lies in creating favourable conditions for the emergence of ideas and accelerating the different project phases. We can suggest avenues worth exploring, advise you on industrial or academic partners, and encourage you to seek project feedback from a range of experts. We can guide you through drafting proposals and project specifications, help you monitor your project and coordinate a project consortium, undertake studies or engineering assignments, or even facilitate the transfer of research laboratory technology to industry.

Ideas generation workshops to identify innovative solutions

Attended by groups of industrial stakeholders and researchers, our ideas generation workshops identify innovative solutions and/or possible solutions that address requirements and issues that are of prime concern for industry leaders.

These topical workshops (named SynerJT) are held by EuraMaterials – with the assistance of CLUBTEX for technical textile-related subjects – as an extension of our special-interest, technological and networking events. This small-scale format, which brings together 10 to 15 participants from businesses and research laboratories, encourages attendees to get talking and share information and experiences.

EuraMaterials - CLUBTEX : Rencontre DGA au CETI en 2016

Recent SynerJT workshops include ones organised with the French defence procurement agency (DGA), VALEO and ENEDIS.

Did you know? Collaborative R&D projects CRYOBTURE and AUTOTHERM² both have their roots in these ideas generation workshops.

Photo: meeting with the French defence procurement agency in 2016

Project brainstorming sessions to generate ideas and solutions

We can organise consultations and brainstorming sessions to help generate ideas.

These sessions, designed to get the creative juices flowing, often unlock solutions to a given problem. This service is useful in the ideas emergence phase, the project definition phase, or the technology transfer phase.

One example is the brainstorming workshop we organised with Fibois Hauts-de-France in September 2019 for the PLASMAWOOD project.

Help looking for industrial or academic partners for a project consortium

We help you identify critical expertise and skills for your project, so we can present you with the key stakeholders which could become your industrial, scientific or technical partners.

Our strength lies in being able to arrange a meeting in just a few weeks, whereas identifying stakeholders and making initial contact would usually be a lengthy process for a business or research laboratory.

Advice on regional, national and European financing arrangements to co-fund your project

Our project managers can identify and decipher calls for proposals (public and/or private co-funding arrangements) that suit your innovation project.

Notre connaissance des cahiers des charges et des fonctionnements protéiformes de ces AAP nous permet de vous aider efficacement dans cette démarche, qu’elle soit auprès d’instances régionales, nationales ou européennes.

Our understanding of specifications and the elusive workings of these calls for proposals enables us to assist you effectively with this step, whether you are applying to regional, national or European bodies.

Support defining specifications, structuring a project or drafting a proposal

We can save you time by helping you write proposals and specifications.

Submission of your project to experts in various subjects – members of our assessment committee – for their opinion

Our assessment committee – the Comité économique scientifique et technique (CEST) – meets on a regular basis. The members of the committee are bound by a confidentiality agreement and have expertise in science & technology, finance, business, marketing and intellectual property.

The CEST is called upon to provide a clear-sighted opinion on a project, or any certification*, support or accreditation request:

  • It provides opinions, advice and recommendations concerning all proposals submitted to it, whether collaborative or individual, industrial, scientific or training-related.
  • It assesses whether projects can be successful in the real world, whether they are relevant to the EuraMaterials road map, whether they are coherent, and whether they meet the criteria of any calls for proposals or funding arrangements in place.

* The certification awarded by the EuraMaterials competitiveness cluster is a form of guarantee for public-sector finance bodies. It indicates that the certified project has received support and been examined and assessed to ensure it is as feasible as possible (in terms of its schedule, budget, expertise available and means implemented to achieve the desired results).

Help presenting your project to public-sector finance bodies and preparing pitches

Good preparation is one of the keys to success! We can help you prepare and present your project to public-sector finance bodies, whether local, national or European.

Monitoring your project once under way, with the option of coordination and management

All projects supported by EuraMaterials are regularly monitored by our team.

For instance, we attend your project’s annual monitoring committee meetings, together with public-sector finance bodies.

We also offer a bespoke project management and coordination service, so you can spend less time steering the project consortium and doing admin.

Engineering, consultancy, competitive intelligence and market research

We can provide expertise (in particular in textile engineering or industrial processes), strategic advice and studies (competitive intelligence or market research) to minimise risks and safeguard your innovative project.

Our bespoke competitive and economic intelligence services:

  • monitoring competitors, suppliers, clients, partners and potential clients
  • monitoring technological developments and your regulatory environment
  • detecting opportunities: calls for tenders, calls for proposals, emerging markets
  • researching prior art: patents and scientific publications

Please take a look at our article on the subject (in French): Gestion des flux d’information : comment gagner en efficacité, productivité et sérénité ?

Facilitation of technology transfer, from research lab to industry

The stage between project maturation and technology transfer is a delicate one. Funding is difficult to secure because of the project’s position in the value chain: it no longer falls neatly into the research category, but making money is still too distant and uncertain a prospect to attract private-sector funding.

Are you a researcher? Do you want to transfer your innovative technology to industry? We can provide support with this important stage in your project’s development.

The aim is to define your project in detail and identify industrial stakeholders open to your proposal, before negotiating the transfer of your technology to an existing business.

We can also support you if you choose to start a new business (start-up or spin-off).

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