Are you a project developer, a business (a start-up, small, medium or intermediate-sized company, or a large group), a research body or a professional organisation? Is your activity closely or loosely linked to the world of materials processing?

Do you need help with innovation or project engineering, technical expertise in materials & processes, introduction to new opportunities (commercial, technical or financial), guidance on starting a business or scaling a start-up, referrals to stakeholders in the materials processing industries, and – last but not least – proactive, expert support?

You’re in the right place. Take a look at what bespoke support means to us, and the range of services EuraMaterials has to offer you.

Vous êtes au bon endroit. Nous vous présentons ci-dessous notre vision de l’accompagnement personnalisé et le panel de services EuraMaterials que vous pouvez mobiliser.

What makes us special?

Our in-depth knowledge of the materials processing professions & our proactive approach

In the materials processing industries ecosystem, both in France and abroad, we can:

  • swiftly and successfully identify the right people with the right skills
  • speak the same language as industry stakeholders and leaders, understand them and identify their unvoiced needs
  • spur the appropriate ecosystem into action in terms of projects, insight and information, etc.
  • act as a bridge between research, training and industry (and accommodate each sector’s concerns)
  • and, therefore, create opportunities, within fields or between them

Our presence out in the field & our ability to provide an outsider’s perspective

The industry runs on processes and habits: take a look at them with fresh eyes and innovative ideas will materialize.

The 360° perspective our project managers & developers bring to the field – sometimes highly specialised, sometimes cross-disciplinary – covers multiple materials and professions, providing the perfect environment for innovative ideas to emerge.

What support services do we offer?

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