Traçaverre • Systems to trace and authenticate products packaged in glass

Saverglass - Datamatric - projet Traçaverre

The Traçaverre project wanted to establish glass packaging as a way to trace and authenticate products using innovative and interoperable technological means. Perfect for the wines & spirits sector!


To address regulatory restrictions, some sectors such as the agrifood and pharmaceutical sectors have developed traceability tools to recall products that may present a risk to consumer health. This kind of traceability is adapted to batch production: if a serious defect is found in one product, the entire batch is recalled, then the causes are investigated.

However, as batch traceability is useless where counterfeit products are concerned, unit traceability is now used in the pharmaceutical field. Because of the nature of the production process (batch production), unit traceability has not put paid to the batch recall strategy for this sector. However, for all other production methods (flow shop, job shop) and when the defect stems from product manufacture, unit traceability is a fantastic opportunity to minimise the number of product recalls and therefore keep recall costs down.

Key info

Project type: FUI (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: 1 December 2012

Duration: four years

Total project budget: €7,823,245

Public-sector financing: €2,280,853

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