Tex4IM • The key clusters assisting the textile industry

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Tex4IM is a partnership that marshals the main European textile clusters, in regions where the textile and clothing industry represents an important part of the national or regional economy.

The aim is to enhance innovation capacities, business models and other competitive factors that will determine the future of Europe’s textile/clothing sector.

The Tex4IM partnership wanted to build strong skills and form strategic alliances in the following areas:

  • circular economy and resource efficiency applied to textile/clothing value chains in Europe
  • advanced digitised manufacturing, value chain and business model principles, including industry modernisation
  • e-marketing and thematic social communities for attractive growth markets for textile/clothing products, as a pioneering way of approaching the final consumer
  • an investigation into advanced textile materials in order to develop marketable products and applications with high added value

Key info

Project type: The European Union’s COSME programme

Start date: 1 October 2018

Duration: two years

Learn more at https://tex4im.eu

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