TEX-SHIELD • Oil- and water-repellent treatments for technical textiles with reduced fluorine content

The TEX-SHIELD project aimed to provide the European textile market with alternative material sets to replace PFC-C8 whilst maintaining performance.

The businesses taking part in this project wanted to ensure that the solution would be made available for their members to use.


Modern textiles are often designed with a fluorocarbon-based treatment to provide high durability and a stain-repellent finish. The most common treatment is based on the impregnation of perfluorocarbons (PFC-C8) into the fabric, due to their good water-repellent properties.

However, these PFCs present serious problems for our health and the environment.

Various alternatives have been considered, such as short-chain PFCs and silicone-based solutions.  However, these solutions do not meet industry standards for durability and water repellency.


Success story

The TEX-SHIELD project developed hydrophobic treatments with a low fluorine content: adequate replacements for existing treatments based on perfluorinated resins.

This affordable and environmentally friendly solution is bonded to the fabric to provide durable multifunctional performance.

Key info

Project type: European Commission – 7th framework programme (FP7) 2007-2013

Grant agreement No. 315497

Dates: 2013-2015

Learn more at www.texshield-project.eu


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