Tech2Fab • From innovation to industrial application: erasing borders to create the materials of the future

Projet FWVL Tech2Fab

The aim of the project is to accelerate the uptake of pioneering technologies by establishing lasting partnerships between operators and businesses.

To this end, three cross-border technological demonstration units were brought into play:

  • dry surface treatments (vacuum and plasma), at laboratory and pilot scale
  • alternative manufacturing technologies for ceramics and composite materials (additive, subtractive and hybrid): laser, laser/milling hybrid, stereolithography
  • consolidation technologies by sintering: flash, SPS and microwave sintering

The Tech2fab project intends to:

  • offer businesses in the area with a wider/improved range of technology by bringing together the complementary resources of cross-border operators within a defined local geographic area
  • raise awareness among the businesses in the area of the potential of the technologies of each demonstration unit in their market niche by using the native operator to introduce the ‘foreign’ operator
  • demystify these technologies, which are perceived as complex and/or inaccessible for SMEs
  • adapt the market’s technological offering to the specific requirements of businesses in the area by advancing cross-border collaboration
  • create lasting partnerships between operators and businesses in the area to accelerate the latter’s uptake of innovative technologies

Discover in video the potential that the developed stereolithography can bring to your industrial projects:

Technologies de fabrication alternatives de céramiques – Focus sur la stéréolithographie.
Vidéo réalisée au CRIBC. ©R.Noviello
Technologies de consolidation par frittage. Vidéo réalisée au CRIBC et à l’UPHF. ©R.Noviello

Our role

As an associated partner, we share the project results with our business members, raise awareness of the project, and help identify industrial requirements.

Key info

Project type: Interreg FWVL

Start date: 1 October 2016

Duration: four years

Total cost: €3,640,193.17

Funding: €1,820,096.57

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