SYNAMERA • Synergies in NMP Programming in the European Research Area


The SYNAMERA project consortium identified and categorised the subject-specific fields for ‘Nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology and production systems’ (NMP) research, in areas where the EU member states and the regions had to work together to have an impact and open the door to large-scale progress.

Another of the project’s objectives was to identify the possibilities of joint strategies to coordinate the policies of national and regional funding bodies, as well as how they are implemented.

SYNAMERA identified the synergies between national and regional research policies and funding programmes.

Our role

EuraMaterials was involved in the European SYNAMERA project and was given the task of setting up project communications and dissemination.

This brochure was among the materials created: ERA-NET Cofund • Guidelines for participants and synergies with European Structural and Investment Funds

Twelve partners from nine European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal).

Key info

Project type: Horizon 2020 (call for proposals NMP-36-2014)
Grant agreement No. 645900 – SYNAMERA

Start date: 1 May 2015

Duration: two years

Total funding: €496,224

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