RESTECO • Development of environmentally friendly woven flooring

The combination of warp and weft on the thicker wear layer means different appearances and subtle colour variations can be created, to play with perspective depending on the lighting. Dickson®’s woven vinyl flooring is suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms. It looks and feels like textile but has none of the downsides: it is very durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

This truly innovative product was designed for the most demanding environments, such as hotels, offices, shops and restaurants. Dickson® woven vinyl flooring can be used anywhere to create an elegant, welcoming and original environment.

Results for Dickson Constant

  • January 2013: launch of new Soundguard™ flooring in rolls, tiles and mats
  • production site: Wasquehal, France
  • ten jobs created
  • two new industrial processes
  • one trademark registered: Dickson Woven Flooring

Key info

Project type: Bpifrance (OSEO)

Dates: 2009-2012

Project budget: €3,255,700

Photo credit: Dickson Constant / Studio Tekhné

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