PSYCHE • Converting plastic waste into useful chemical compounds via gasification

Projet FWVL Psyche

The PSYCHE project aims to produce basic chemical compounds such as alcohols and olefins from plastic waste which can then be reused by the chemicals industry.

The first part of the project involves developing and demonstrating the feasibility of an innovative technology to gasify various plastic waste streams.

The second part of the project involves converting the obtained syngas into basic chemical compounds via the Fischer-Tropsch process.

A technical and economic assessment, together with an environmental analysis through a life cycle assessment, will be performed.


For decades, society has revolved around a ‘take, make, waste’ economic model.


Plastics are an integral part of this, and it is estimated that plastic production will quadruple by 2050. The way we currently deal with the waste produced (burying in landfill, incineration) is tenable from neither an environmental nor an economic perspective.

As no chemical recycling solution is at present completely up to speed for certain types of plastic waste, the commercialisation of a process to recreate raw materials from plastic waste is clearly a feasible alternative.

Given the density of businesses in the France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen cross-border zone involved in this field (from waste management companies to chemical manufacturers – commodity chemicals, speciality chemicals, plastics – to equipment suppliers), this issue is of special importance.

Our role

EuraMaterials, as an associated partner, shares the project results with its business members, raises awareness of the project, and helps identify industrial requirements.

Key info

Project type: Interreg VA FWV

Start date: 1 January 2018

Duration: four years

Total cost: €2,557,637.11

ERDF funding: €1,278,818.55

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