2BFUNTEX • A European platform for innovative functional textiles

The 2BFUNTEX project consortium encouraged research centres and industry to work together to speed up the industrial uptake of innovative functional textile and textile-related materials, in a global market.

What was the project’s goal? To facilitate the transfer of functional textile innovations to new products and applications.

2BFUNTEX aimed to bridge the gap between research and industry in the field of functional textile structures & textile-related materials, exploit untapped technological potential, and encourage faster industrial uptake via a multidisciplinary approach.

Eight multidisciplinary teams were created to identify the gaps between available technologies and industrial requirements and develop ideas for new collaborative projects on the following topics:

  • antimicrobial textiles
  • smart textiles
  • nanotechnology
  • flameproofing
  • biotechnology
  • electrospinning
  • plasma
  • sustainable textiles
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