PLASMAWOOD • A new technique to preserve wood

The PLASMAWOOD project aims to use a cold plasma process with pressurized nitrogen to improve the durability of three species of tree native to the Hauts-de-France region: beech, poplar and ash.

As construction timber is the target market, the developed process must give wood the properties it needs to be used outdoors (class 3 or even 4).


Bolstered by the third industrial revolution in Hauts-de-France and the green transition, the forestry sector is of increasing interest. Potential markets are growing, placing wood at the heart of some projects.

Users of a construction made of wood or partly made of wood expect long-term structural durability, meaning that it should maintain its mechanical, physical and aesthetic properties. The durability conferred by preservation techniques, which remove the need to resort to rare tropical species, is the only way for native wood species to replace their competitors.

However, the methods employed often use active biocidal substances.

For a few years now, wood preservation processes have been attracting increasing attention from the authorities responsible for assessing their consequences on health and the environment.

As such, new wood preservation techniques need to be developed.

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