PHOTONITEX • Development of micro-structured textiles for stimuli-responsive photonic filters

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The PHOTONITEX project is developing new types of smart textiles to improve individual comfort in terms of temperature and humidity.

These textiles are capable of adjusting the infrared radiation reaching the human body in response to external conditions (temperature and humidity).

The purpose of the project is to design and manufacture photonic structures. How? By taking advantage of the self-organisation techniques at membrane level that can interact with infrared ‘light’.

PHOTONITEX is backed by a cross-border consortium of specialists in optical modelling, microtechnologies, composite materials and spinning techniques. This network brings together complementary skills for a project grounded in innovation.


The textile industry is threatened by strong competition from emerging countries where labour is cheaper. The competitiveness of this industry is now improving thanks to the development of technical textiles. The Hauts-de-France region and Belgium are combining their expertise and innovative developments in this field, primarily through their industrial framework and dedicated R&D structures.

Key info

Project type: Interreg FWVL

Start date: 1 July 2018

Duration: four years

Total cost: €2,549,020.31

ERDF funding: €1,274,510.13

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