MADMAX • Developing innovative textile processes for the transport sector

Composites are a promising solution for the transport sector.

The MADMAX (Advanced Material Textiles for Reinforced Structures for Complex Lightweight Applications) project created a European platform for high-performance composites. The platform, partly intended for SMEs, encouraged the transfer of scientific advances to applications in the transport sector.

The aim was to create a consortium of private laboratories and universities, supported by the automotive, aeronautic, rail and ship-building industries, to study the possibilities of expanding and standardizing the use of specific composites.

The goal is to develop innovative textile processes and flexible materials with a significant improvement in mechanical behaviour.

Context at the start of the project

In the European Union, 20% of CO2 emissions are generated by road transport. The European Union is therefore setting new standards to reduce the acceptable limits for greenhouse gas emissions for new vehicles sold.

The transport industries will have to design lighter vehicles if they are to comply with these new regulations.

Composite materials can be used to produce lightweight structures with a high energy absorption capability. However, their mechanical behaviour is not fully understood and controlled, and manufacturing processes remain small-scale, for the most part.

Key info

Project type: European Commission – 7th framework programme (FP7)

Start date: 1 August 2013

Project duration: three years

Total cost: €1,254,664.81

ERDF funding: €1,000,000

Commission Européenne - 7th Framework Programme

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