LOOP4PACK • Sustainable bioplastic packaging from agro-industrial residues

The purpose of the LOOP4PACK project is to contribute to the development of a French sustainable recycling chain for bio-polyesters (PHAs). The project is focusing on the main scientific and technological issues that limit the use of by-products or residues to produce bio-polyesters with commercial applications.

EuraMaterials - Projet LOOP4PACK


At the moment, 32% of plastic packaging escapes from collection systems worldwide. At least eight million tonnes end up in the ocean each year. Virtually all plastic – 99.5% – is produced using fossil resources (oil). In addition, very few biobased plastics are produced from non-edible resources.

To address the resulting environmental and social challenges, we need to decrease the share of packaging made from fossil-based resources and increase the share of renewable packaging made from non-edible resources.

Although research and development into biobased and biodegradable materials is flourishing, the bio-packaging available does not yet fully meet the demands of society and the market.

Our role

EuraMaterials is involved in assessing the project’s economic and industrial impacts.


The partners involved in this project have diverse and complementary backgrounds and are placed all along the value chain: two laboratories, a research centre, a business and a cluster:

Key info

Project type: ANR (French National Research Agency)

Start date: 1 November 2019

Duration: three and a half years

Total cost: €761,600

Funding: €482,800

Learn more at https://projet-loop4pack.fr/

Expected results

The knowledge generated will enable businesses to put their by-products to better use and create a packaging production chain that is more environmentally friendly. The project hopes to:

  • upgrade the French industrial system from a linear economy to a circular economy, with a focus on short supply chains
  • manufacture materials made from PHA for use in the agrifood packaging field

Last, the dynamic, complementary skills of the LOOP4PACK consortium will sustain and grow a network of experts and expertise across the production chain for biobased and biodegradable polymers, for a more sustainable, responsible society.

The results will be shared with the scientific community, agribusiness, stakeholders in the bioplastics industry and the general public via papers, conferences, competitiveness cluster networks, websites, workshops and training programmes on innovative packaging.

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