Led Ribbon • The first affordable ribbon with integrated LEDs

EuraMaterials-Projet Led Ribbon

In connection with the Crosstexnet programme, the Led Ribbon project integrated LEDs into textiles by developing the first affordable, elasticated, washable ribbon with integrated LEDs.

The process involves attaching LEDs to a polyester ribbon containing electrical wires. A coating is applied to make the textile waterproof and therefore robust enough to be used. It can be machine washed, as it is capable of withstanding chemical stress, high temperatures and the friction caused by the drum.


An LED ribbon was already available in Taiwan, but it was expensive, couldn’t be washed and wasn’t elasticated. The Led Ribbon project wanted to develop a more competitive product in terms of price and technical features.

Success story

Three products were developed on the back of this project: illuminated clothing for cyclists, communications materials for stage design and illuminated ribbons.

The project also led to the filing of a patent, the creation of a job and the retention of four other jobs.


Key info

Project type: European Commission – 7th framework programme (FP7)

Start date: 2013

Duration: two years

Total cost: €770,500

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