INTIMIRE • A novel intumescent material with improved fire-retardant properties

The INTIMIRE project worked on improving the burning behaviour of textile products designed for the soft furnishings and land transport (automotive and rail) markets.

It aimed to produce new fire-retardant polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) fibres, films and finished products, flame-proofed using an intumescent* fireproofing process.

* An intumescent is a substance that swells when exposed to the heat, leading to an increase in volume and a decrease in density (source: Futura Sciences).

This new technique aimed to address new European standards, as well as offer improved durability and thermo-mechanical properties.

The ultimate objective was to ensure the European businesses concerned stayed highly competitive.


Following changes to strict European standards and regulations for fire retardants, businesses in the textile industry have had to upgrade their technical process. These new European standards covered:

  • regulations for materials used in rail transport (ST EN 45545)
  • new standards for upholstered furniture (standard NF D 60-13)

At the time, none of the textile products available met the criteria of the new standards, environmental protection requirements and consumer requirements such as comfort, price and design.

Project type: European Commission – 7th framework programme (FP7)

Start date: 1 April 2010

Project duration: three years

Total cost: €1,957,850.40

Funding: €1,274,900

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Commission Européenne - 7th Framework Programme

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