ID3AL • 3D printed food

The ID3AL project is rethinking 3D printed food. The aim is to create a new market by forming an ecosystem of partners capable of supplying and distributing a comprehensive offering.

The goal? To develop France’s first complete ‘food and equipment’ offering for the preparation of healthy hot or cold ready meals via 3D printing.

The consortium is aiming to develop:

  • cartridges containing the ingredients to print meals, with freedom to choose tastes, textures and shapes
  • a 3D food printer demonstrator

The project is simultaneously targeting home, restaurant and industrial printing scenarios.


3D printing has really taken off since 2013-2014 and has opened its doors to many sectors of activity – including the food industry.

3D printed food is considered to be one of the most significant developments for agrifood as it is a comprehensive, innovative solution. It also addresses a number of issues, such as a shortage of certain raw materials, ecological and financial issues, and specialised nutrition.

3D food printing makes it possible to produce perfectly balanced meals with regulated nutrient content. This is ideal for professional athletes or the elderly.

Key info

Project type: FUI 23 (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: 15 June 2017

Duration: 36 months (then extended)

Total cost: €4,460,000

Funding: €1,865,000

Competitiveness cluster accreditations: Vitagora, EuraMaterials, CIMES

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