GLOPACK • Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging

This project aims to make it easier for consumers and businesses to find innovative, ecodesigned packaging. By drawing on the concept of the circular economy, this project has set out to reduce packaging and food waste. Over the course of three years of research, several packaging prototypes will be put in place and tested to assess their market potential.

The GLOPACK project is investigating food packaging with a small environmental footprint and the possibility of extending the shelf life of food products.

The project is focusing on three food packaging areas:

  • biodegradable materials made from agri-food residues
  • active packaging to improve food preservation and shelf life without additives
  • RFID-enabled wireless food spoilage indicators linked to food date labels

A decision-making tool will also be developed to help design eco-innovative packaging alternatives and inform all end users about them.

Our role

The GLOPACK project set up a Stakeholder Platform, which gives members – including EuraMaterials – priority access to the project results. The platform provides an environment where members can meet other stakeholders, connect with people in their own field, discuss issues linked to sustainable and biodegradable food packaging, and explain their requirements in terms of new packaging solutions, etc.

Project type: Horizon 2020

Start date: 1 June 2018

Duration: three years

Total cost: €6,658,650.36

ERDF funding: €5,560,785.48

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