ERICA • Etablishing Regional Cluster Agreement for sharing  good practices in Advanced Manufacturing

The purpose of the ERICA project was to establish strategic inter-regional cooperation between similar technology centres and clusters so they could share good practices in advanced manufacturing. What was the project’s goal? To encourage regional growth, both in terms of the economy and employment, across Catalonia, Lombardy, Hauts-de-France and the Southern Netherlands.

The project set out a framework for collaboration through a strategic partnership agreement between the participating regions, focused on one of their smart specialisation strategies and in particular on Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM).

ERICA targeted the entire industry but focused its attention on production systems and machines as facilitators for the deployment of ESM.

The objectives of the strategic partnership agreement included:

  • comparative analysis of participating regional clusters and technology centres
  • exploration of concrete possibilities for collaboration between the clusters, technology centres and their SMEs
  • development of an inter-cluster partnership strategy
  • creation of a community of interest

Key info

Project type: Towards Regional and Economic Convergence (TREC)

Start date: 4 January 2016

Duration: one year

Total cost: €244,938.16

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