ECOATING • New anti-crust coatings for reactors used to polymerise vinyl chloride

The ECOATING project developed new anti-crust coatings for reactors used to polymerise vinyl chloride.

The aim was to develop a treatment for Vynova’s reactors in order to reduce costs, improve process performance and give it a competitive edge.


Vynova is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC and chloralkali.

The industrial process Vynova employed required the frequent shut-down of the machines so the reactors used for vinyl chloride polymerisation could be cleaned. These shutdowns slowed down the manufacturing process, increasing production costs.


Key info

Project type: FUI 10 (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: 30 March 2011

Project duration: three years

Total cost: €2,434,739

Funding: €1,273,305

Success story

The project led to the development, in March 2014, of a new process for application of an adhesive coating that does not crust up.

This new process brought about a significant drop in cleaning-related production shutdowns, and therefore made the business more competitive.

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