DIMETEX • The biotextile cluster in the France-Wallonia-Flanders region

DIMETEX (Dispositifs MEdicaux TEXtiles, or textile-based medical devices) aimed to make the medical textile sector more competitive and increase the attractiveness of the cross-border region.

When DIMETEX was launched in 2008, three fields were identified as high-potential niche markets in the France-Wallonia-Flanders cross-border region:

  • treatment of wounds (active dressings, immobilisation, etc.)
  • consumables for biological filtration and culture (ultra-filtering membranes, culture media, growth supports, etc.)
  • implants (orthopaedic implants and implants for soft-tissue surgery)

With sales expected to increase by between 6 and 25% per year in this market, DIMETEX’s objective was to pull together the cross-border competence hubs and exploit these three target markets with high economic potential.

The target businesses were traditional SMEs (weavers, knitters) who wanted to stand out from the competition and move into healthcare, and SMEs that were already active in these sectors and were keen to diversify.

To do so, the project consortium:

  • increased opportunities for stakeholders to meet and work together
  • created cross-border user panels to identify the most noteworthy requirements
  • identified and supported the emergence of collaborative R&D projects

Key info

Project type: Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen

Start date: 1 November 2008

Project duration: five years

Total budget: €1,139,450

ERDF funding: €577,225

Photo credit: Cousin Biotech

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