DECOUVERRE • Novel industrial organic decoration processes

The DECOUVERRE project, certified and supported by EuraMaterials, developed new industrial processes for the multicoloured organic decoration of 3D objects, such as tumblers, stemmed glasses and plates.

This project was innovative for two reasons:

  • Environmental: standard pigments containing toxic heavy metals were replaced with organic, biodegradable colourants.
  • Technological: development of a digital decoration process for 3D objects. Scaling this process improved fulfilment of market requirements, with increased flexibility making short production runs a possibility. In addition, it expanded the range of colours and effects available for glass decoration.

Success story

The DECOUVERRE project led to the creation of a full range of glass tableware decorated with organic inks that do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

The ColorVibrance collection has been sold under the Luminarc® brand since 2011.

Luminarc®’s ColorVibrance tableware is used every day by countless consumers. Its 100% organic decoration technique is good for their food, their health and the environment.

By 2014, Arc International had already sold almost 12 million items, with organic items making up over a quarter of its turnover for decorated tableware.


The new organic decoration technique saved 300 jobs at the Arc International site in France and led to the creation of 4 fixed-term post-doc positions and 1 permanent position.


Arc International regained market share in Western Europe on account of the project, finding its way back onto shelves in hypermarkets and supermarkets in France. It also entered new distribution channels that were looking for original, exclusive products.

There are three benefits to the organic decoration of tableware or glassware for users:

  • aesthetic: innovative, high-quality colour finishes, including photographic, matt, fluorescent and metallic effects, as well as shaded effects for ceramics
  • environmental: heavy metals eliminated both during production and for the end user
  • technical: the decoration is dishwasher safe, much like glass – it can be used for up to three years

The DECOUVERRE project won several prizes. For example, Arc International was awarded a prize for its ColorVibrance range in the ‘Large company’ category by the ecodesign competition judges [avniR] – CCI Grand Lille 2013.


Our role

EuraMaterials has been supporting Arc International with its innovation initiatives since 2005.

Our team helped the company set up and monitor the DECOUVERRE project with referrals, project certification, monitoring and product leveraging services.

Key info

Project type: FUI 2006 (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: April 2007

Project duration: three years

Total cost: €3,189,330

Public-sector financing: €996,559

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