DECARTE • RFID for improved consumer information and traceability

The DECARTE project developed a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system that can be printed into corrugated card and flat cardboard during the manufacturing process.

The resulting electronic cardboard boxes, with their novel, non-visual, low-cost communication feature, provide an opportunity to develop non-visual communication solutions throughout the distribution chain, in particular new consumer information services. The packages are also easier to trace.


The personalised information era is well under way and means of communication are evolving. The volumes of information to transfer are rising significantly, whereas society is moving to reduce packaging.

And so new requirements have emerged: traceability across the entire production chain and personalisation of information for consumers. Tools need to be implemented to respond to these changes, without increasing costs.

Success story

This RFID project was certified by the EuraMaterials competitiveness cluster and joint-certified by Aquimer, PICOM and SCS.

DECARTE won France’s sixth inter-ministerial R&D fund (FUI) call for proposals. The project’s innovative solution was acclaimed in 2012, when it won a prize at the European RFID Awards.

The project led to the creation of five jobs in the Hauts-de-France region, and helped increase the competitiveness of the partner businesses.

Our role

We supported Cartonneries de Gondardennes with its R&D projects and research into innovative ideas.

We were involved in setting up the DECARTE project, primarily by putting the consortium members in contact, monitoring the project’s progress and leveraging it. We also made it possible to identify avenues for commercialisation for this innovative solution.

Key info

Project type: FUI 06 (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: 1 September 2008

Project duration: five years

Total cost: €3,015,063

ERDF funding: €1,063,085

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