CrossTexNet • Textiles at the crossroads of new applications

Eighteen research funding agencies were involved in this project to make European textile research more accessible and sustainable by tapping into the potential for the international coordination and scheduling of research programmes.

CrossTexNet’s ambition was to:

  • develop innovative textiles in Europe
  • structure the R&D offer to improve the competitiveness of businesses
  • fund innovative projects in SMEs
  • bring about cooperation between European laboratories


Fibre-based materials and textiles are the materials of choice for the future and represent a substantial international market. Europe could acquire larger shares of this market and the opportunities it presents.

Realisation of this potential depends on Europe’s capacity to invest in R&D projects and transform innovation research. To do so, the motives of technology platforms, the initiatives of markets of application, and the realities of textile research need to be connected.

Success story

The CrossTexNet project organised calls for proposals that led to the funding of several research activities: 43 projects were selected and 34 received funding.

The 17 members of the consortium conducted strategic investigations, in particular into the directives of an ERA-NET cofund scheme.


  • Nord Pas-de-Calais region (lead partner)
  • Alsace region
  • OSEO
  • Piedmont region
  • Tuscany region
  • Lombardy region
  • Veneto region
  • Valencia region
  • Västra Götaland region
  • Flanders region
  • East Netherlands region
  • Saxony region
  • North Rhine-Westphalia region
  • Hradec Králové region

Key info

Project type: European Commission – 7th framework programme (FP7)

Start date: 1 November 2009

Project duration: four years

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