CONVERT UV • UV-LED technology to transform glass decoration processes

We are supporting the CONVERT UV project to shift all Arc International’s glass decoration processes to UV-LED organic technology. This project stems from Arc’s interest in investing in the development of a new UV-LED technology to dry and cure organic decoration on glass, and a collaboration with Mäder, Effilux and the laboratory LPIM.

The goal is to develop an innovative decoration process for environmentally friendly glass tableware, without adding to logistics costs.

The project will also help secure jobs, with 500 positions saved at Arc France, two positions created at Mäder and one at Effilux.


Arc International, a world leader in tableware, operates in a highly competitive market. To stay abreast of these economic challenges – as well as environmental ones – the Arc Group is keen to improve its manufacturing techniques and product composition.

As such, Arc International is investigating the possibility of decorating goods ‘right there and then’, closer to the glass production lines, while reducing the environmental impact of the process.

Key info

Project type: ADEME (French agency for the environment and energy management) PIA investment programme

Start date: 2017

Duration: four years

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