AUTOTHERM² • Self-powered, self-regulating solutions to maintain optimal temperature

We are supporting the AUTOTHERM² project, the aim of which is to develop a system comprising a self-regulating temperature assembly and an energy-recovery sheath, rendering the entire system autonomous.

The project is targeting two applications – heat therapy and protection from the cold – for base layers and second-skin clothing such as underwear and glove liners.

The heating system will make the wearer comfortable by providing active warmth, in particular during extreme weather or temperature variations.

The target markets are healthcare (Raynaud’s phenomenon, musculoskeletal disorders), sport and well-being. When integrated into a jacket, the system could be of interest to military markets and markets requiring protection against extreme environments (industry, security, etc.).

Key info

Project type: FUI 24 (France’s inter-ministerial R&D fund)

Start date: 2017

Duration: three years

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