ALPO • New polymer materials from microalgal biomass


ALPO aims to develop new biobased plastic and composite solutions from microalgae. Microalgal biomass does not compete with the food industry and is cheap compared to biomass from food or agriculture streams. The project’s applications include proposing new grades of (bio)plastics and composites in the biomedical, textile and automotive fields.


Renewable feedstocks are becoming more common in the plastics processing industry, particularly for packaging and textiles. The determination of the public authorities and the general public to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is driving plastics processors to develop new biobased materials with advanced properties.

However, Europe and the France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen cross-border area are lagging behind in the development of these kinds of biopolymers. The design of new (bio)plastics with high added value is a strategic investment sector for the development of the economic activity of SMEs and large companies in the area.

Our role

As one of the project’s associated partners, EuraMaterials helps:

  • share project results with businesses that are members of the cluster
  • raise awareness of the project and identify industrial requirements


Key info

Project type: Interreg VA FWV

Start date: 1 October 2016

Duration: four years

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