ALLIHENTROP • Synthesis and implementation of coatings with high-entropy alloys

The ALLIHENTROP project aims to develop high-performance coatings from an emerging class of materials: high-entropy alloys.

Projet FWVL Allihentrop

These compositionally complex alloys contain a large number of metallic elements in equal or similar proportions. The random distribution of these elements leads to disordered structures with ‘high mixing entropy’. This disorder at the atomic scale gives these materials unique properties in terms of hardness, ductility and resistance to friction, corrosion and temperature.

The goal of these coatings is to provide functionality for a metal part or improve its performance and therefore make the most of structural or support materials with low added value.

The idea is to move these high-entropy alloys from the research laboratory scale to the pilot scale.


Metalworking and the manufacture of metal products is an important sector for the Hauts-de-France region and Belgium. To ensure its survival, it must innovate in areas such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace and shipbuilding, among others. Hence the need to develop novel, high-performance materials.

Our role

We share the project results with our business members, raise project awareness, and identify industrial requirements. 

Key info

Project type: Interreg VA FWV

Start date: 1 October 2017

Duration: four years

Total cost: €1,867,383.01

ERDF funding: €933,691.50

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