AdPack • Future materials and products for advanced smart packaging

When the project began, 25 to 30% of waste was packaging-related. People were also becoming increasingly intolerant of preservatives in food, creating demand for smarter food packaging.

The AdPack project aimed to strengthen cross-border collaboration and the internationalisation of partnerships between SMEs in Europe and third countries, with a focus on innovative packaging. How? By creating a strategic partnership of European clusters specialising in the advanced packaging industry, in order to develop sophisticated services with high added value.

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The AdPack project partners helped pool complementary skills to strengthen the global value chain in the smart packaging field. The consortium of clusters active in the food industry, new technologies (nanotechnologies, plasma technologies) and materials (plastics) brought together the expertise of their respective members to foster innovation in the packaging field.

Cross-border collaboration and improved networking activities led to the organisation of working missions in four European countries. The project’s activities included collecting information to help prepare the underlying internationalisation strategy.

AdPack’s main achievements

  • fifteen memorandums of understanding (MoUs) signed by affiliated entities in ten European countries
  • AdPack European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) agreement signed by all the consortium partners
  • creation of an AdPack European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), officially registered in February 2018 in the Czech Republic with all the consortium partners
  • joint internationalisation strategy with an implementation road map
  • follow-up project: second strand of the project, named AdPack², also funded by the European Union through the COSME programme
  • thirteen services and good practices to be provided by the EEIG to support internationalisation and collaboration
  • eighteen work events to encourage cross-border collaboration, build trust, and encourage networking and matchmaking
  • six hundred new contacts following participation in communications events (for example, Top Packaging Summit (Sweden) and Interpack (Germany))
  • eleven target countries (six European countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland) and five third countries (United States, China, Canada, Brazil, Japan)) identified
  • two resulting cooperation projects (an INNOSUP project named Value-Added Innovation in fooD chAins (VIDA) with a total budget of around 5 million euros, and the follow-up COSME project AdPack² with a budget of around €500,000)


As an associated partner, we shared the project results with our business members, informed our audiences about the project, and helped identify industrial requirements.

Key info

Project type: COSME ‘Cluster Go International’ (COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03)

Start date: January 2016

Duration: two years

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