3D&FPP • Integrating metal 3D printing with flexible post-processing

Projet Interreg 2 Mers 3D&FPP

The 3D&FPP project aimed to integrate metal 3D printing with flexible post-processing. The objective was to design, develop and implement an efficient, fast and affordable post-processing solution based on existing technology that could form part of an integrated system for post-processing additive manufacturing (AM) parts.

The idea was to significantly increase the possibilities for 3D metal printing in industries that need high-precision manufactured metal parts, such as the medical, semiconductor, maritime, aviation and new emergent cleantech industries.

A look at the results

3D&FPP infographic



As an associated partner, we shared the project results with our business members, informed our audiences about the project, and helped identify industrial requirements.

Key info

Project type: Interreg 2 Seas

Start date: 1 September 2016

Duration: three years

Total cost: €3,553,244.25

European funding: €2,007,084.55

Learn more at 3dfpp.eu

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